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TNLC can take care of your exports to all destinations in the world, whether by land (road, rail or inland navigation), sea or air.

TNLC will ensure that the goods are collected at the place of loading specified by you and are delivered to the place of destination using one of the above transport modalities, either directly or following transhipment.

TNLC can also provide all the requested documentation to enable you to present the required transport documents to your bank for an L/C.

TNLC will generate the prescribed customs export documents from anywhere in the Netherlands. After customs clearance, we send the exporter a “Conformity of Exit”, which confirms the export and forms part of the exporter’s VAT records.



TNLC is lid van:

brancheorganisatie van expediteurs/logistieke dienstverleners

TNLC is gecertificeerd voor:

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

IFS (International Food Standard)