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TNLC is connected to the Europeans customs computer system, which means that all our declarations for export, import and transit shipments are processed electronically.

TNLC can act as the direct representative for companies which are registered in the EU and have a VAT number in one of the member states for the inward clearance of goods.

For companies which are not registered in the Netherlands and also do not have a Dutch VAT number, TNLC can act as their limited fiscal representative.

TNLC is also connected to the phytosanitary department's "Client" system, in which vegetables and fruits subject to inspection are declared for both quality and phytosanitary inspection.

TNLC is connected to the system of the NVWA in which meat and fish products and high-risk foods are declared. Within this system we receive the GDB (common veterinary inward clearance) certificates following inspection.
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TNLC is lid van:

brancheorganisatie van expediteurs/logistieke dienstverleners

TNLC is gecertificeerd voor:

AEO (Authorised Economic Operator)

IFS (International Food Standard)